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Paint Protection Films Jacksonville Florida

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Your car’s paint job is at the mercy of the elements. Protect your car with a clear or a matte finish from bug splatter, rocks, gravel, salt and more. It does not oxidize with sun exposure and will help guard your paint from fading caused by UV rays. Paint Protection Films in Jacksonville also provide a self-healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant. Our crystal-clear polyurethane film is computer cut specifically to your car and then safely bonded to painted surfaces offering up to ten years of guaranteed protection.

We offer a full line of paint protection systems using 3M and XPEL paint protection films to protect your car from the harsh salty air of Jacksonville. You drive one of the finest cars in the world. Protect it with finest paint protection film available on the market. Stand out from the crowd.

Protect your investment

Keeping your vehicle’s paint pristine is a challenge and the tested and tried application of paint protection film has been a go-to solution – from the first day of purchase – for many vehicle owners. Automotive paint protection films go by numerous names such as clear wrap, invisible shield, clear bra, clear mask, car scratch protective film and rock chip protection and even though Jacksonville Florida does not have ice there are still many environmental and road hazards that can damage your car’s paint job. The most common names are clear bra and paint protection film.

About paint protection films

Paint protection films are thermoplastic urethane films applied onto painted surfaces of used or new cars with an aim of protecting the paint from bug splatters, stone chips and minor abrasions. Use of the film is also high in cell phones, RVs, airplanes, screens, motorcycles and electronic industries. Almost all motor vehicle manufacturers have approved these films. Many people in Jacksonville and surrounding areas decide to install paint protection films to protect their car’s paint job from the elements and hazards of the road.

The installation process

Manufacturers install the paint protection film on limited basis on various vehicle parts at the factory such as Porsches’ rear arches. Only certified trained professionals – who receive supplies from outside the dealers and distributors – should do the installation. Some detail and tinting shops also provide the service. Mostly, they install the paint protection film on forward facing parts of motor vehicles, but for maximum protection, they might also install it on the entire vehicle.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy after installing the paint protection film on your vehicle:

The environment will not affect your paint job

Your car’s paint job does more than just keeping the vehicle looking shinny and new. It serves as the skin that protects the metals and any other surface from wear and tear. Without an added layer of quality paint protection film, your vehicle’s paint will remain exposed to all possible damages such as bird droppings that contain acid that burns through the paint, tree sap that is not only hard to remove but also full of acid rain and tree fruits like cherries that burn through the paint and damage it permanently. Also, road salt might corrode the paint and metals seriously during winter months. Clear bra also protects the paint from road tar and oils that splash up during warm months or during the re-paving of roads. It will also protect the paint from sun’s UV rays that can burn through it.

Retains the vehicle’s value for many years

Preserving your new vehicle’s gleam is hard after many years of continued use – including with regular waxing and washing. By applying paint protection film, you will ensure that the car plus the paint job are looking new when time to sell the vehicle comes. You will definitely appreciate the vehicle’s like-new exterior.

Make the vehicle’s care easier

Paint protection film prevents dust build-up and therefore the windy days or your neighbor’s leaf-blower will not cause unsightly dust build-up. And when it comes to cleaning your vehicle, you will enjoy the job. In between the washes, run a dust cloth over the surface for a cleaner car without need for elbow grease. You will feel good about conserving the extra water, particularly if you are currently living in an area suffering from drought.

Repels road damage

Paint protective film seals the paint to prevent bubbles and scratches from allowing in moisture, which can lead to spread of corrosion and eventual rust. It reflects back UV rays and light to minimize sun damages and minimizes exposure to elements, nicks, burns, scratches, and corrosion the factors might inflict.

Paint protection films are plastic wraps for the potentially damageable parts of a vehicle – the sidemirrors, the lower fascia, the rocker panels and any other surface that faces towards the front directly and the bottom of your vehicle. Also known as, protection bras, paint protection films have one purpose – protecting the areas from debris that kick up from the road surface and might leave scratches on your vehicle.

The treatments are uncommon on average vehicles because they cost somewhere between $900 and $2500 depending on the number of treatments to be done on the motor vehicle. Installers custom-cut the paint protection films from your vehicle’s schematics and hand apply them. That might be the key reason why they are very expensive. However, that does not mean that you cannot get one on the vehicle you want. With a quick search, you will be able to get exactly what you want.

Generally, the idea behind paint protective films is great. The films protect your vehicle’s paint for many years and it will remain hardly noticeable. The key benefit is that whether you are driving a Camry Limited or a Carrera 4S, you will be confident in knowing that you will never deal with damages on your vehicle immediately you get home from the workplace. For people living inside the city, the protective films offer more benefits. If annoying scrapes and dings from jerks within your neighborhood are a problem, the clear shield polymers will ensure that people are not scuffing your paint. Here are the pros and cons.

– It is the best way of preventing matte paints from scratching.- Longer-time paint protection for the troublesome areas- Eliminates the need of repainting the fascia/bumper within a few years- Adds value to the vehicle, if properly maintained

Fortunately, you can avoid the problems of fading, yellowing and discoloration entirely by protectingthe clear bra. Now, you might be thinking that the process of protecting a protective film isredundant. That is not true. Coatings like Formula 1201 or the Matte Paint Coating will keep theclear bra in the right shape for a long time.

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