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The Best Vinyl Wrap Packages in Jacksonville

Car Wraps, Vinyls, and Sheets

You’re vehicle could be your best form of advertisement! Advertise all around town with a full vehicle wrap!

Our wraps are made of thin, custom-printed vinyl. A full vehicle wrap from A Shade Above Films will transform your car, trailer, or truck into a moving billboard. Advertise wherever your drive.

Wrapping your car in your company’s graphics will help you deliver your message to everyone around you. This way local people who are your prime prospects will see your advertisements along your routes.

Full custom vinyl vehicle wraps are economical in more ways than one. Studies rank mobile advertising as one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your company.  Even better, vinyl wraps are an affordable alternative to old-style custom paint jobs. This means you’ll pay less and get more in the end. Unlike the custom painting option, vinyl wraps can peel off to restore your vehicle to its original finish. Potential customers don’t see a pre-owned van with a small sticker of your business. Instead, they’ll see a custom wrapped car that looks new and one of a kind!

Another big plus? This form of advertisement words! 9 out of 10 people notice these type of ads can recall the message days later. What’s more? About ⅓ of people would base buying a decision on the impression they got for your car.

mercedes with black and mustard wrap

Full Vehicle Vinyl Wraps


Eye-catching vehicle wraps come with many benefits:


Stand out from competitors: Driver’s don’t pay much attention to the plain white vans of businesses, but they’ll notice your bright, custom full vehicle vinyl wrap!Transform your vehicle into billboards on the road: Vinyl wraps will help you to expand your reach, frequency, and impact for your promotional efforts. Add a valuable new element to you marketing efforts: Vinyl wraps reach an audience of drivers you might miss otherwise.Working 24/7 for business your business promotion: No matter where your vehicle is or what time of day you’ll always be advertising. Advertise in your company’s location: When parked on a job site, a full vehicle wrap can attract customers in that area.


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Vinyl wraps are a smart way to add personality and protection to your vehicle. There are easily thousands of possibilities to make your vehicle one of a kind. Vinyl wraps are cost-effective alternative to paint while also being environmentally conscious. They are easy to install and require very little maintenance. Whether you want a full wrap or a partial vinyl car wrap A Shade Above can help.

Vinyl wraps are one of the most effective forms of marketing. You can reach a wider audience by advertising through your vehicle. Have an exotic car? Turn it into a branding asset with vinyl wraps.

Wrap it. Drive it. Advertise it. Promote it.