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Ceramic films are the only choice for a long lasting, quality tint. The film consists of a thin ceramic layer bonded to an adhesive layer and a top coat for protection. The ceramic layer’s purpose is to darken the window and to reflect heat. It blocks out around 30-50% of light.

This type of film is more effective in blocking heat, it blocks light glare and UV rays and unlike the dyed films do, it rarely fades. The film is also suitable for in-glass antennae as it allows passage of radio signals. However, it is not as reflective as the metalized options. Finally, it is the most expensive type of vehicle window film.

We proudly specialize in 3M ceramic film application in Jacksonville, Florida.  We will tint anything from one set of windows, only the windshield or the entire vehicle.  If you were wondering who the best tint shop in Jacksonville was, you have come to the right place.

Benefits of ceramic window films

  • Keeps the interior of your vehicle cool by blocking out up to 80% of the sun's infrared rays.
  • Window film that is non-metalized creates a natural tone and provides amazing clarity for your windows and windshield.
  • Ceramic films block significant amounts of harmful UV rays that can fade the interior of your vehicle over time.  Protect your investment!

The  3M Ceramic Series now deflects up to 80% of the infrared light created by the Sun and blocks 59% of the heat that is coming from the Sun as well. These films block 99% of UV radiation protecting both riders and the upholstery of your vehicle.



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