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We specialize in new and used car dealership preload installs. Our trained staff of installers are professional and efficient and can handle any request that is given to them. We pride ourselves in making sure your customer is always satisfied with our installs.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for your dealership and as a vendor we understand that. The success of your dealership is a just as important as our success. A Shade Above Films has been computer cut window tinting and installing paint protection films inside of high end car dealerships in Jacksonville for over five years. We are happy to tint vehicles at our Jax location off of Atlantic Blvd. or come to your car dealership.

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Auto Window Tinting

Advanced Window Tinting is the best choice for your automotive tinting needs. Improving comfort and protecting vehicle interiors is our goal

Our Mission is Client’s Satisfaction

To select the best kind of auto window tinting, you have to consider all options and compare them to your budget and needs. Window tinting can provide your vehicle with a personalized sporty appearance and also protect its interior from sun damage. To darken the windows, the professional installer must apply the tinting film in the proper way to the glass. The films are available in four primary types and it is therefore important that you understand the type that will perfectly match your needs before buying.

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Great people! Will always do an amazing job.. And exceed expectations upon customer service…On top of that, not to mention prices you almost cant beat anywhere else for the experience they have.


Absolutely wonderful service. Chris took me right under his wing and charged me outstanding for a perfect job he did. Definitely a must go back!


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Window Film requires only hours to install. With a variety of shades and levels of protection there is a window tint for every need. Paint Protection Films(PPF) provide protection against chipping, bug damage, abrasions and weathering. PPF can be installed on mirrors, hoods, fenders, headlamps and bumpers. The Florida environment that our cars get exposed to every day is brutal.

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