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Tinting, paint protection film and vinyl services in Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in and are certified to work with 3M films.

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Our trained staff of tint and paint protection films installers in Jacksonville are professional and efficient and can handle any request that is given to them. We pride ourselves in making sure our customer is always satisfied with our installs. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for our clients and dealership partners. We are proud to use the highest quality tint and automotive films for every job.  When it comes to paint protection films and tinting your cars windows...We don't cut corners!



The Best Auto Window Tinting in Jacksonville

Ceramic films are a relatively recent option. The film consists of a thin ceramic layer bonded to an adhesive layer and a top coat for protection. The ceramic layer’s purpose is to darken the window and to reflect heat. It blocks out around 30-50% of light.

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Tinting Your Cars Window

To select the best kind of auto window tinting, you have to consider all options and compare them to your budget and needs.  Window tinting can provide your vehicle with a personalized sporty appearance and still protect its interior from sun damages. To darken the windows, the professional installer should apply the tinting film in proper way to the glass. The films are available in four primary types and it is therefore important you understand the type that will perfectly match your needs before buying. We are proud to offer the finest window tint in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Paint Protection Film Installer

Protect your car with a clear or a matte finish from bug splatter, rocks, gravel, salt and more. It does not oxidize with sun exposure and will help guard your paint from fading caused by UV rays. Paint Protection Films also provides a self-healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant. Our crystal-clear polyurethane film is computer cut specifically to your car and then safely bonded to painted surfaces offering up to ten years of guaranteed protection.

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The applications methods

Regardless of the type of vehicle window film you select, you should hire a professional installer to do the installation. The cost of window film and the application highly vary depending on the brand and type.  We confidently provide the highest quality automotive films and guarantee our work. We make sure that your window tint is compliant with Florida law.

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Paint protection films are plastic wraps for the potentially damageable parts of a vehicle – the side
mirrors, the lower fascia, the rocker panels and any other surface that faces towards the front directly and the bottom of your vehicle. Also known as, protection bras, paint protection films have one purpose – protecting the areas from debris that kick up from the road surface and might leave scratches on your vehicle.

The treatments are uncommon on average vehicles because they cost somewhere between $900 and $2500 depending on the number of treatments to be done on the motor vehicle. Installers custom-cut the paint protection films from your vehicle’s schematics and hand apply them. That might be the key reason why they are very expensive. However, that does not mean that you cannot get one on the vehicle you want. With a quick search, you will be able to get exactly what you want.

Here are the benefits of paint protection films.

Generally, the idea behind paint protective films is great. The films protect your vehicle’s paint for many years and it will remain hardly noticeable. The key benefit is that whether you are driving a Camry Limited or a Carrera 4S, you will be confident in knowing that you will never deal with damages on your vehicle immediately you get home from the workplace. For people living inside the city, the protective films offer more benefits. If annoying scrapes and dings from jerks within your neighborhood are a problem, the clear shield polymers will ensure that
people are not scuffing your paint. Here are the pros and cons.

- It is the best way of preventing matte paints from scratching.
- Longer-time paint protection for the troublesome areas
- Eliminates the need of repainting the fascia/bumper within a few years
- Adds value to the vehicle, if properly maintained

Fortunately, you can avoid the problems of fading, yellowing and discoloration entirely by protecting
the clear bra. Now, you might be thinking that the process of protecting a protective film is
redundant. That is not true. Coatings like Formula 1201 or the Matte Paint Coating will keep the
clear bra in the right shape for a long time.